Wow,- Looking at last years mark breakdowns....

Just individual and Institutional questions totalled 138 marks, which is 39% of the freakin exam. I had no clue these were worth that much!!! I’m so glad I saw that post that showed the marks, i was going to waste my time reviewing derivatives and alternatives which is only about 10%. ** But do the individual/Institutional tie in other topics int those questions as well??? If thats the case then I should review everything

lol - yes, IH8FSA - you will need to spend more time on the IPS stuff and practice the questions. dont worry, we are all in the same boat - just keep going, and do it the way that makes you feel confident. getting ready for my night out at the pictures… *Arrr, chill out time*

I guess your right. Every year i picked a topic that was too hard for me to worry about and focused my energy on ohters. Looks like this year I will have to breeze by a just more than 1 topic., lol I noticed that in 2007 there was a quant and econ section? I assume this would not be here for 3008 right? i wonder what they will increase in lieu of those sections

correct - no quants section, but economics was renamed "Capital Market expectations - SS6 - so not totally out of the woods. at least this time you noticed and you have under 2 weeks to work on what you need to work on.

Thanks Edge, I wonder where the quant marks will go?? I hope not derivs or alt. lol. take it ease