wow the 2007 exam is hard

holy cow

totally disagree. i found it the easiest of the 3 (05-07) for some reason. ironically, i found 2006 the hardest, and it has the highest pass rate.

i’d rank them 1. 06 (easiest) 2. 07 3. 05 (hardest)

05 was hard, no doubt

Agree with the disagree, my highest essay score so far in 3 essay tests (2 CFAI, 1 Schweser) has been on the 2007 CFAI.

My bad, the 2006 test was my best score, 2007 was second best. So basically I have nothing to contribute here.

i think 06 & 07 were about the same difficulty but 05 was the hardest of the three…for what its worth.

Alot of people who wrote the 07 exam thought it was very hard. I talked to a buddy of mine and he said many of the people he talked to got hung up and screwed themselves on the required return calc in the 1st question I believe. It will be easy for that to happen in the morning session so be very aware of your time management.

Yea i didn’t think 07 was that hard, I scored myself the highest on all past cfai exams. Only really tough questions were the first IPS and attribution. The 06 exam I mean did anyone put that that soccer player had above avg ability… and I thought that required return calc was harder then 07 exam. Just my two cents though.

44m euro for the soccer dude, no matter how extravagently you live you better have a higher than avg ability to take risk, unless you are Charles Barkley…

^^^ agreed very dumb comment on my part I think I need a break or something, I think I meant I had trouble with the ability on the 07 exam. BTW I loved the Chuckster comment.

2007 had the easiest required return question. although it incorporated a FV/PV calculation, in terms of part marks, I believe you would get more in the 07 exam. Questions 8 and 10 were gimme questions. Arguably the easiest questions in the past 3 years. The psychological traps question was also gimme, so was the personality types. I am shocked that this was the worst result for level 3 in the history of the 40+ year program. My initial thought when I heard the passing rate last year was that the CFA purposely made it harder than usual before it imposes the cumpulsory curriculum rule. Frankly, it was a fair exam.