I figured I might as well.

World of Warcraft?

Words of Wisdom?

Women of Wisconsin.

War of the worlds?

William of Westchester

WOW World of Warcraft (game) WOW Words of Wisdom WOW War of the Worlds WOW Woolworths WOW World of Wonder WOW Wonders of the World WOW World of Work WOW Worst of the Worst (Shainin Strategies) WOW Women of Wrestling WOW WideOpenWest WOW Women On Wheels (motorcyclist organization) WOW World of Wonders WOW Windows On Windows WOW Walks on Water WOW Whip 'em Out Wednesdays (Opie & Anthony radio show) WOW Workers of the World WoW Word of Wisdom (LDS church) WOW Wider Opportunities for Women WOW Wonder of Wonders WOW World Organization of Webmasters WOW Wendy O Williams (singer of the Plasmatics) WOW Women on Women WOW World of Wrestling (magazine) WOW Women of Worth WOW Woodmen of the World WOW Windows on the World (IBM internal database) WOW Week of Welcome WoW World of Water WoW Way of Work (Oslo, Norway) WOW Will-O-Wisp (gaming) WOW What’s on Where? (Ireland) WoW Wall of Worry WoW Week Over Week (marketing) WOW Woody’s Office Watch WOW Wish Only Well WoW Walk on Walls (Jedi Knight game mod) WOW Wide Open World WOW William of Wales (Prince William of UK) WOW Women Online Worldwide WOW War on Waste WOW Women’s Ordination Worldwide WOW Week of War (gaming tournaments) WOW Weight On Wheels WOW Wines of Washington WOW Windows on Win32 WOW Walk Our Way (mall walking club) WOW Whip ‘em Out Wednesday (radio promotion) WOW Waiting On Weather WOW Web-Oracle-Web WOW Wonderful Open-hearted Wagon (Toyota) WOW Wise Older Women (email newsletter) WOW Weigh on the Way (Pitney Bowes’ automated inline mailpiece weighing system) WoW Walk Out Working (device configuration, especially mobile phones) WOW Way Out Wineries (Texas) WOW Water-In-Oil-In-Water (emulsions) WOW White Open Weave (bandage) WOW World of Wackiness (Japanese video game) WOW Wife of Widower WOW Wanted on Warrant (law enforcement) WOW Washington On Wheels (Washington Hospital Healthcare System, California Mobile Health Clinic) WOW Word Other Word (password creation technique) WOW Women of Worldnet WOW Wild on Wednesdays WOW Whining Old Woman WOW Women of Weight WOW Workshop on Workshops WOW Walk Out Window (access Hatch on outside shell of storage tank) WOW West Orange Warrior (West Orange High School, Florida) WOW Women Organising the World WOW World Ocean Watch WOW Wakefield Orchestral Wind (UK) WOW Web Object Wrapper WOW Warriors of Wellness (American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team) WOW Worship of Wicca WOW Waldorf Online World WOW Windows on Windows Layer WOW Wise Ordering for Writes

You win.



Dinesh do you have access to some acronym database?

ksjhawk Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You win. copy that. are you proud?


nice work DS

My favorite: WOW Whip 'em Out Wednesday (radio promotion)

WTF What The Freak (polite form) WTF What If WTF World Taekwondo Federation WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot WTF Worse Than Failure WTF Where’s the Fire? WTF Work Time Fun (PSP game) WTF Wednesday Thursday Friday WTF When They Fall (band) WTF Will to Fight WTF Women’s Track and Field WTF Wasn’t That Funny WTF Way to Fly WTF Werewolf: the Forsaken (gaming) WTF Write to File WTF Williamstown Theatre Festival WTF Way To Fail WTF What To Fix WTF What’s This For? WTF Welcome to Finland WTF Where’s the Food? WTF Waking the Fallen (Avenged Sevenfold album) WTF Who the Freak? (polite form) WTF What the French Toast? WTF Why The Freak (polite form) WTF Where the Freak (polite form) WTF Waste Treatment Facility WTF Words That Follow (online game) WTF What the FAQ? WTF Why the Frown? WTF World Trade Federation WTF Why the Failure WTF Wild Turkey Federation WTF When The Freak (polite form) WTF Wireless Telecommunications Facilities WTF Where’s The Fish? WTF Where’s the Fridge? WTF Water Task Force WTF Weekly Top Five WTF World Tennis Federation WTF What the February WTF Witendofi (website) WTF Weapons Tactics Force (gaming) WTF We the Fools (radio show) WTF Weapons Task Force (gaming) WTF Wisconsin Test Facility WTF Well and Truly Freaked (polite form) WTF Washington Tennis Foundation WTF Watergate Task Force WTF Woodson Track and Field (Virginia)

Acronym Definition CFA Chartered Financial Analyst CFA Center For Astrophysics (Cambridge, MA) CFA College of Fine Arts CFA Consumer Federation of America CFA Communaute Financiere Africaine (French: African Financial Community) CFA Country Fire Authority (Victoria State, Australia) CFA Confirmatory Factor Analysis CFA California Faculty Association CFA Chick-fil-A CFA Certified Financial Analyst (professional certification) CFA Canadian Federation of Agriculture CFA Complete Freund’s Adjuvant CFA Canadian Franchise Association CFA Cease-Fire Agreement CFA CompactFlash Association CFA Conselho Federal de Administração (Brazil) CFA Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. CFA Commercial Finance Association CFA Color Filter Array CFA Continuous Flow Analysis CFA Central Facilities Area CFA Commission of Fine Arts (Washington, DC) CFA Commonwealth Forestry Association (UK) CfA Council for Administration (UK) CFA Circus Fans Association of America CFA Cryptogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis CFA Chinese Football Association CFA Chilled Food Association (UK) CFA College Football Association CFA Control Flow Analysis CFA Communauté Financière d’afrique (French: African Financial Community) CFA Constituency for Africa CFA Canadian Forestry Association CFA Campus Freethought Alliance CFA Common Femoral Artery CFA Conditional Fee Arrangements (insurance) CFA California Forestry Association CFA Concrete Foundations Association CFA Come from Away (Newfoundland, Canada) CFA Contract Flooring Association CFA Catfish Farmers of America CFA Central Fiscal Authority (Kosovo) CFA Continence Foundation of Australia CFA Code Field Address CFA Canned Food Alliance CFA Center For Architecture (JIEO) CFA Current Feedback Amplifier CFA Confirmatory Factor Analytic (model) CFA Call for Action, Inc. CFA California Fashion Association CFA Cognizant Federal Agency CFA Canadian Flag Association CFA Comité Français des Aérosols CFA Connecting Facility Assignment CFA Cascadia Forest Alliance CFA Carrier Facility Assignment CFA Conditioned Floor Area (heating & cooling) CFA Communication Foundation for Asia CFA Canadian Foundry Association CFA Certified Forensic Accountant CFA Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes (United Nations) CFA Centre de Formations d’Apprentis (France) CFA Cognizant Field Activity CFA Corporate Financial Advisory CFA Consello d’A Fabla Aragonesa (Aragonese Language Council) CFA Conversation For Action CFA Charles F. Adams (DDG-2, US Guided Destroyer Class ship) CFA Citizens Flag Alliance, Inc. CFA Case For Action CFA California Fertilizer Association CFA Children First America CFA Crossed Field Amplifiers CFA Controlled Firing Area (aviation) CFA Craniofacial Foundation of America CFA Covering Force Area CFA Cross Field Antenna CFA Continuous Flight Auger Pile CFA Component Failure Analysis CFA Circuit Facility Assignment CFA Cooperation Framework Agreement CFA Call-Forward Area CFA Chief Financial Advisor CFA Cross Field Amplifier CFA Carrier Failure Alarms CFA Current Files Area CFA Center for Action CFA Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation CFA Combined Field Army CFA Customer Facility Assignment CFA Certified First Assist CFA Computerized Fleet Analysis, Inc. CFA California Flight Academy CFA Conformal Array CFA Congregatio Fratrum Alexianorum (Alexian Brothers; religious order) CFA Crytogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis CFA Car Forwarding Agency CFA Control Facilities Area CFA Composite Fabricator’s Association CFA Christian Farmers Association CFA Canadian Football Association CFA Carrier Facility Alarm CFA Closed Form Analysis CFA Change in Frame Alignment CFA Corrugated Feeder Antenna CFA Cascading Failure Analysis CFA Communications Functional Area CFA Cognizant Federal Authority CFA Contract Funding Available CFA Control Fighter Airspace CFA Catarman Fishermen Association CFA chloro fluoro aniline CFA Cercle France Afrique (France) CFA Carrier Frequency Acquisition CFA Call Flow Analysis CFA Current Force Assessment CFA Centro de Futebol Amazônia Ltda (Brazil) CFA Cachagua Fire Auxiliary (Carmel Valley, CA) CFA Cold Fusion Administrator CFA Compact Flash Association CFA Compact Flash Adapter


STOP Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy STOP Stop Transmission of Polio (CDC/WHO program) STOP Statement of Opposition STOP Safe Tables Our Priority STOP Services/Training/Officers/Prosecutors STOP Security Tracking of Office Property STOP Safety Training Observation Program STOP Stop Turning Out Prisoners (Florida) STOP Stack Overflow Protection STOP Single Title Order Plan (bookselling) STOP Stop, Think, Observe, and Plan (rescue) STOP Satellite Tracking of People LLC STOP Special Tactics and Operations (police team) STOP Short Time Of Prayer STOP Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice STOP Stop This Outrageous Purge (1950s civil rights group) STOP Suction Termination of Pregnancy STOP Structural/Thermal Optical STOP Stop, Talk, Observe, Prevent (injury assessment) STOP Supporters to Oppose Pollution STOP Squeal Tires on Pavement STOP Satellite Tracking Of Polluters STOP Slightly Tap on Pedal STOP Stop the Ocean Pollution STOP Secure Tips Online Program STOP Skid Tires on Pavement STOP South Texas Organization of Police STOP Sort-Toss-Organize-Put Away STOP Students Thinking of Peers STOP Stop Taxing Our Patrons STOP Street-Teen Outreach Program STOP Stay Calm, Think, Observe, Plan (scouting mnemonic of what to do when lost) STOP Students & Teachers Opposing Pollution STOP Stop the Oppressive Powerplant STOP Selected Test Optimization Program STOP Stop Tesco’s Oversized Plan (UK) STOP Score points, Think the worst, Opt out or Put down (mnemonic for communication habits to avoid) STOP Secure Transportation Offender Partition STOP Startup Trademark Opposition Policy STOP System Test Operation

I love this thread, this is cool!