Wrapping up. Time to review

So I am just finishing up my readings this Sunday, I have 85 pages to go and I’m excited as shit.

This leaves me 13 days to review. What do you guys think, this is enough time to review?

I picture using one week to do the practice questions from the textbooks and one week to do mock exams.

I gotta say that I did economics undergrad and 4 of these books were mostly review to me. The only new bits were the Options book and the Ethics book.

I can’t know for certain or not, but I will say that when reading the books I was more confident than I should’ve been. I understood the concepts and had seen them before, but the way they are tested and some nuances to those topics I would miss on practice tests. So be careful, especially since your time is limited, to make sure you don’t skip over topics just because you were familiar with them. Economics was fairly straight forward, but things like Quant Management and FRA are much tricker once you start taking tests.