"Write the exam"

What does everyone mean when they keep saying “Should I sit for the test of just write the exam?” Does “writing the exam” mean simply not showing up for it?

write an exam is foriegn lingo for take an exam. I had the same confusion when i was in college with a bunch of kids from india and europe who used “write”

write = take pissed = drunk lift = elevator lorry = bus f.a.g (AF is banning the word) = cigarette barrister = lawyer bird = girl …

mzwerner Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > write = take that’s what we (foreigners) say.

maybe he meant “Should I sit for the test or just write off the exam?”

yeah just like Cramer from Seinfeld say’s “just write it off Jerry”. “What doesn’t that mean Cramer”. “You know like accountants, just “write it off””. It’s gone. Like Bernake.

at least in Canada, “writing” the exam is the same as taking the exam, and probably more frequently used by university students. Once in another forum I used the term “write” instead of “take” and people got on my case for not being able to speak English properly – I believe the people who were making snide little comments were mostly from the UK. So I’m not sure if it’s a European thing, but definitely a Canadian thing.

Thanks guys. Especially for the Seinfeld reference…“Accountants do it all the time, they just write it off!”