Write up on professional experience

Hi all,

How are you writing your professional experience? Bullet point or full complete phrases?

Hello, I posted the same question but didn’t get any answer… I decided to write complete phrases and really detail my job, like “I managed long-only fixed income institutional portfolios”, mentioning the investment universe, the responsibilities for asset allocation + security selection etc.

I suggest you check out the following page and make sure that you include in your description the relationship between your activity and the investment decision-making process (if you’re a ptf manager, it’s straightforward, if you’re an analyst, then you need to describe that your analysis contributed directly to the decision-making etc. etc.)


I did not read the link but got my work ex approved in a week. not sure how,

Can you tell us how you described your jobs then? Was it brief or rather detailed? Any mention to time allocated to investment-related activities?