Writers cramp

Just wrote out a Stalla practice exam - ouch for writers cramp.

which one.

#3 - actually I only did the AM part… still need to do the PM, but I really just wanted to practice the essay format.

haha I did only the PM of #3 today, i wasnt focused at all and kept missing stupid mistakes, doesnt help that I was posted on here and doing other stuff while trying to foucs, doesnt help.

Hey Willy, I’m doing PM (in the PM) - that Portfolio Immunization problem is WAY FUNKY. You’re a FI guy (or at least know your stuff), I think they blew it on one answer, treating the terminal value of the portfolio (the expected liability) as if it were the current value of the assets. And I think that last problem addresses things that weren’t in the fact pattern. And yeah, ethics too… there was something where there’s a potential violation because someone has a position in something, but the fact pattern never tells us they actually have a position in something. Did you find this?

i’m drawing a blank, i just remember the whole PM section being tricky especially when not focused and just trying to get through the damn thing before a doctor’s appointment :slight_smile: