writing 2 reasons when only asked for 1?

when you’re unsure what they’re looking for, what do you guys think of writing two points even though they’re only asking for one. seems like if they see something correct, they may give you full credit for it, even if you gave extra information in the answer.

they only grade the first answer and ignore everything after that (as is explained by schweser and extensively on this forum) i would not try to bullshit the bullshitter, usually doesn’t work my strategy: think for some seconds which of my arguments would convince me most and write that down. think about the graders: they grade one answer for thousands of exams. if you see the precise points, even with just few words, they may say “thanks for sparing my time” and give you 100 if you write a lot of interwebbed BS and they have to start digging and thinking if this is good: what do you think? 100 even if one of the points in this long sentence with numerous points is right or 100-x? or you are lucky and you first argument was a hit maybe

they take your first reason as far as I know. You could try and morph the two into one though!!

CryForAlcohol Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > they take your first reason as far as I know. You > could try and morph the two into one though!! Haha good idea :slight_smile:

if you write out a full sentence incorporating 2 ideas, wouldn’t the grader RTFA and gain some idea that you understand the concept? Think if you are a grader. You start to develop an idea of the candidate as you grade the paper. You prob create a picture in your head of the candidate. Your brain starts to say “this guy knows his stuff” or “this guy is way off base”. As such I would think if you gain momentum you start to get the benefit of the doubt. if you are bulleting and they ask for 1 and you give 2, straight away they are going to look at the first and prob disregard the second. BUT if you write a full sentence and can incorporate those 2 ideas, these is some impact in the graders mind, dont you think??

No not really … It would just be pissing off … Think bout it … Grading 1000s of papers … Shorter (and correct ofcourse )the better u ask me …

but if you are stumped, writing a fluffy explanation will get you more points than a wrong bullet point, or nothing at all.

Actually u’d be wasting time … I’d say write a bullet … Finish yr paper … Then if u got time , think it over n u write wateva u want … But they’ve specifically mentioned don write crap …

Someone just schooled me that Graders dont grade full papers… my bottom line: give um a reason to give you points.