Writing after time called

This week I received a violation of writing after time called. I honestly was shocked to have received this because when I left the exam room, I never even gave a second thought as to whether or not I committed an exam violation. I completed the Level 2 exam and was reviewing an item set when I realized I made a mistake. I erased my mistake within the three hours and was in the process of filling in what I thought was the correct answer when the proctor started speaking. I filled in the remainder of the oval and then immediately put my pencil down before she finished her sentence, and clearly before she stated, “if you are still writing, you are in violation.” I’m like besides myself…This is the 4th time I have taken Level 2, and I thought this could be the year. the proctor did not come over to me to tell me to stop writing nor did it seem like she was talking directly towards me, and nor did she have to repeat herself. I can’t figure this out for the life of me. Now, I have 30 days to respond… Has anyone else been in this situation before? I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but did anyone else take the exam in Portland, Maine? Thanks

I have not been in this situation. Its a bit of a tough call, and i dont remember exactly how time is announced (i thought they said pencils down first?). In reality, it would be a real shame if they voided you for that, but CFAI I think takes writing after the exam is over pretty seriously. Maybe clal CFAI and get a complete explanation of how time is called and when you have to stop writing before you respond that way you can make your best case possible?

I would just reply to the inquiry very objectively and explain the situation without sugar coating it too much. I think CFAI will dismiss the allegation against you after one round of email exchange. It is routine for them to follow up on each and every complaint. I truly believe that they will not penalize a person for writing for 3 seconds beyond the 3 hour limit.

Keep us posted. I would be heartbroken for you if they voided your results. I think at worst they should penalize you one question or maybe two.

^I don’t think they will do that. They will probably either dismiss the complaint or void the exam. CFA1099, I hope it will turn out fine.

4th time taking Level II? After all the money you’ve donated to them shouldn’t you get a break, or a section of the test named after you?

Do they usually send by normal post or express post like fedex, dhl? I wonder how much do they spend on this …

sorry buddy, i think you actually have no excuse.

Agree with psriniva about writing back to them objectively. Based on your post, it does not seem that the proctor walked over to you and wrote down your candidate ID number. If you had no clue about the incident when you walked out of the hall, be assured, it is simply a mistake - either the proctor erred in candidate number or CFAI misread proctor notes. In either case, simply respond to them that this is the first you are hearing about it and you are surprised by the communication. You were not informed by the proctor on the exam day nor did you write after time was called. Hopefully they will realize their mistake. Good Luck!

they do not need to mark you down or inform you after the test. they know your seat number - and from that they do know your name. and remember you handed them your hall ticket with name, # and seat number after the test. if you did write after the time was called - you are done! you do not have any choice or any way to refute their arguments now.

It sounds as if you were holding your pencil in the air when the proctor called out. You should not have filled in the REMAINDER of the oval, that was indeed a violation. Maybe you could try to argue - if this was indeed the case - that as you were right in the middle of the process of actually filling in the oval, and due to your slow reaction time (obviously) filled out the rest before dropping the pencil, you ask for having your test graded and 1 point deducted from the test. But I don’t think you have a case. From the proctor’s viewpoint you must have been seen sitting with your pencil, filling in the bubble. I can imagine what it must have looked like, you, there at your desk, with the pencil scraping against the paper while all the others around you have put down theirs in advance, in anticipating of the call. For fun I tested the reaction time, it’s not negligible, especially not if you’re multitasking (writing AND simultaneously listening for the proctor’s call). http://getyourwebsitehere.com/jswb/rttest01.html How many seconds do you, 1099, get if you’re filling in bubbles while waiting for the green light (see the website instruction) and then clicking on the test button “immediately”? Watching the screen with one eye while filling in imaginary scantron bubbles might simulate the test situation when you’re waiting for the proctor’s call, so it would be interesting to hear if you have an unreasonably long reaction time (in this case: like 1 second). You should not touch the mouse when you’re waiting for the light to turn green but, rather, fill in bubbles on a blank sheet of paper while as best you can simultaneously watching the screen.

I agree with others, you did violate the rules. When the speaker says “exam is now over”. FREEZE. It is Over. Because the moment she begins speaking is the moment your last second of time already ended. any “last minute oval” immediately during is clearly a violation. Sorry man, but if you get dinged, there is no injustice done. And ChickenTikka, you’re crazy if you think the CFAI will “at worst they should penalize you one question or maybe two”. Not a chance.

CFA1099 - Courage. Review some other posts on this forum. Candidates have been in similar situations and have had their charges dismissed. You’ll be fine. Also, kudos for writing the exam four times.

DON’T ADMIT YOU WERE WRITING AFTER, IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW IF YOU WERE BUT DO NOT SAY SHE CALLED TIME AND YOU KEPT WRITING. DO NOT ADMIT FAULT AND ASK FOR A ONE POINT REDUCTION OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. Either you violated and are voided or didn’t. Asking for a point off is basically admitting guilt. Just state you do not believe you wrote after, and were holding your pencil, at the time they begans speaking you immediately put down your pencil and remained staring at your exam or something like that. Good luck.