writing answers where templates are not provided

sometimes i am real short on space. do they provide additional blank pages in the real exam or do you have to just cram it in between the questions? also, how is everyone planning to indicate final answer—are you going to box the number?

there are lines at the back of the booklet you can use. Just make sure you clearly indicate where you have continued to/from, read this on CFAI website, you can also use those lines for scratch. No harm in underlining/boxing final answer

ok so at the very end there is a bunch of blank papers…just read that on c fai website. so if question 1 has part A, B, and C and only B has a template, in the lined page i would write 1.A, write teh answer, then skip a line and write 1.C and the answer for 1.C? sorry for the stupid question just wana make sure there are no surprises?

there are lines for the individual answers without templates, use end of booklet only if you need more space :slight_smile:

so the blank pages will have or be labeled with the question number?

no the initial lines will appear straight after the questions. Then if you haven’t enough space indicate you’ve used the lines in the back, label answer and carry on there… tbh I don’t think you’ll ever need it, if you’re writing that much it’s time to move on to next question!