Writing materials to bring with...

GARP has mentioned that there is no need to bring any writing instruments. Pencils will be provided by GARP. But there is no mention of a sharpener or an eraser. Feeling a bit lost. Hope someone has the information.

I took part I in May. GARP provided two pencils and no eraser and no sharpener. You don’t need an eraser, because you are not allowed to erase anything from your answer sheet. A sharpener wasn’t necessary as well. So you don’t have to bring anything with you.

One additional thing about the exam which is quite weird: You are not allowed to wear watches and there’s no watch in in the exam room. The only information you have about the time are the regular announcements (every 30 minutes you’ll get an information about how much time is left). That makes micro time management quite difficult.

Thank you Alex! If you’re not allowed to erase on your answer sheet, how do you go about changing answers?

Hi Alex and Mace,

do any of u have and garp question papers.

I just have one garp paper which is on the website. Do u have previous ones plz.


If you already filled an “answer bubble” and want to change it you have to fill another bubble. In order to make clear what you final answer is you have to write the letter of your final answer next to the bubbles. After you have written down the correct answer (letter) you can’t change it any more. So, compared to the CFA you are only able to change your mind one time.

Sorry, I don’t have any previous ones. I used the GARP paper and two printed Schweser exams. But unfortunately I don’t have the GARP exam paper anymore:-(

Thank you!

Thanks and wish u all the best Alex and mace for sat… let’s see how it goes

For you as well!!

How did it go guys, I just don’t know. It’s those things that u can never say but time i felt was too short and thus many questions I could hardly even read. Don’t know ya