Writing on exam booklet?

Hi allo,

hours after the exam, I am still hoping someone here will see this and aswer my question if they know.

are we allowed to make annotations/ calculations/ write on the exam booklet where the questions are?



Guess it is allowed. At my centre today somebody asked the proctor whether we can do the calcs on the question sheets. They said there are couple of blank pages at the end which you can use, but even doing them besides the questions should not be an issue.

Personally I prefer doing it besides the question rather than at the back. It becomes messy but you save all the time twisting and turning the pages and you might also read a value wrong while noting it down. For CFA too I would do calcs on the sheet, shouldn’t be a problem IMO.

Yes, obviously!! You don’t scribble around on your answer sheet and admit card, but that’s self understood.


all the best!!

Of course.