Writing Sample

I searched the forum regarding this topic, but I didn’t really come across anything… A contact at one of the firms that I am interviewing with has suggested that I prepare a writing sample to make a stronger case for myself (its a Corporate credit analyst role). While I happily agreed to this, I am having difficulty determining exactly what to submit. The problem is that my current role with my present firm doesn’t require extensive writing. I was considering condensing one of my undergraduate research papers. However, these topics aren’t relevant to investment analysis. I feel that potential employers would want me to demonstrate my capabilities for financial research, and wouldn’t really give too much weight to my Political Science research. My question: Should I create a new sample or just go with one of my old papers? If I am to quickly compose a writing sample from scratch, what analysis do I need to include for this purpose? I have been able to get my hands on some equity research reports, but I believe that the format is too long for what I am being asked to produce (I am assuming it needs to be around 5 pages). If anyone can offer advice, I’d really appreciate a suggestion. Thanks for any help!

  1. Ring HR. Ask them. 2. Submit just an old irrelevant sample then wonder why the other guy got the job. 3. Two pages A4 should be enough, they don’t want War & Peace. They want to see you can construct a well-written sentence. I think you’ll be alright.