writing style for AM

Wanted to get some advice on the writing style for the AM session.

Let’s say question 3 has four parts, so A, B, C and D. Out of these, part A is to be written in the template box provided, so thats separate and taken care of. For parts B, C and D, do you guys suggest leaving a lot of gap between each of the three answers? This is just to ensure that in case you need to modify the answer later on you can come back to it, and there will be ample space? If we write the answers out of sequence, say 3D, 3C, 3B, then would we lose marks?

Also, lets say its a calculation question, like say the G-K model. Is it enough if we just write the formula as Ret = DY+ repurchY + i + g + del(PE), and then on the next line substitute with each of the numbers from the question? Or do we need to explain each term fully, repurch yield = +2% based on info given on share purch for the year etc. Esp when the qn says “Show your work”.


bumpy bumpy bump

I didn’t plan on writing out the terms of the formula and then rewrite the formula with the numbers… I was just going to write the formula with the numbers and call it good.

If there’s time, I will try to write out the formula before putting in numbers. Will give me some points if I calc sth wrong.

Thanks. How about the spacing between answers?

IMO, spacing is fine. Labelling which question sub part you are answering is important. I also read somewhere that there are extra writing sheets at the back of the booklet if required.