Writing with kids

2 questions.

  1. Who has delayed having kids or planned kids around testing dates? I am guilty of this, son was born 4 weeks after exam.
  2. Who has the most kids and is currently working towards his/her designation?

Delay the CFA for the kids - Blink 182

I have so many questions. the first : how did you do it for n°1 ? Did you delay (unprotected) sex with your partner until at least 9 month before the CFA exam date just to be sure your son was born after ? what about an early arrival risk ?

I actually held off on tackling the CFA program due to kids. I was originally registered the take the December 2008 Level I exam, and I was studying until September when Lehman went under and all hell broke lose. I decided at that time to take a pause and focus on family and work. I didn’t even sit for the 2008 exam. My first was born in late 2007 and second in early 2010.

So I have two younger kids (8 and 6 now), and I discovered last year that studying early in the morning before work and on weekends is the best way for me to manage family time. I was a bit of a zombie by dinner and bed time but at least the kids got to spend time with dad in the evenings and I never missed a soccer game or other activities on weekends. It just takes some getting used to waking up at 3:30am every day.