Written exam tricks required!

Serious help is needed here! What are the tricks for the written exam? I must be missing something here. I don’t seem to understand what key points the questions are actually looking for… Any help is appreciated. Cheers

Looking at the prior exams and answers should give you an idea of what CFAI is expecting from you.

What I plan on doing is going through the questions myself and comparing answers. The CFAI provided answers will contain more than enough to obtain full credit for the essay.

Bullet points.

Em… That’s what I’m planning to do as well. My problem is when i am grading the answer myself, my answer somehow seems alright, but in actual fact, it’s not up to the exam standard.

There are no tricks. Just do the past AM papers 2 or 3 times until you begin to see the pattern of what CFAI is looking for.