Written Response Grading Question

Do we need to be able to cite specific standards in the ethics written response questions?

For example, here is the Schweser scoring key for a question:

Did Anderson violate the Code of Standards by telling White aobut Peterson’s impending divorce? Justify your response with one reason.

My Response: Yes, Anderson discussed peterson’s personal situation with White, who is not a part of Anderson’s firm, without consent from Peterson.

Schweser Answer Key: Yes, Anderson must not divulge client information to anyone outside his firm unless requred to do so by law or the client permits disclosure. This is a violation of the standard Duties to Clients - Preservation of Conrfidentiality.

1 point for Answering Yes.
2 points for the explanation.

Would my answer get 1, 2, or 3 points? Do I need to specifically cite the Duties to Clients - Preservation of Confidentiality?


This sort of question will not appear on the exam.

First, there’s no command word for the first part.

Second, you are not expected to memorize the section names or numbers of the Standards.

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