WS Prep vs. Breaking Into WS

Hey everyone.

I’ve been doing some light research on improving my skills at financial modeling and I have narrowed my results down to WS Prep and Breaking Into WS (WS Training was way to pricey for me). Both priced about the same. WS Prep seems a bit more legitamite but I am leaning towards Breaking Into WS because it is all videos with no text (which I got plently of with the CFA). Any opinions to which is better?

Go with whichever you think will help you learn better. Cost of BIWS is also less. I have used all the mainstream model prep software including both you mentioned and I like BIWS the best.

I did the WSP Oil and Gas course to brush up my NAV modeling skills. It was a pretty good intro to modelling if you hadn’t done any before, but it was very introductory. I’m sure all of the programs are like that.

As of follow up. Do you think employers value one more than another, or do you think they are all fairly commoditized?

I didn’t really expect an employer to care when I took the course, I just wanted more skills. That said, if an employer values them, I can’t imagine much difference between the courses. The value of these courses is about 1/10, IMO, of a few months of real modelling experience.