WSJ announcement Jan 17

This Thursday, 17 January 2008, we are placing congratulatory announcements in newspapers around the world to honor your accomplishment. In the announcement, your name will be printed alongside others in your region who also completed the CFA Program in 2007 and met the experience requirements necessary to receive the Charter. Because there are more than 6400 new charterholders, each announcement only lists the names for a specific region. Even with very small type we couldn’t fit the entire group into a single announcement. The names will be grouped as follows: Charterholders in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America will be listed in the Financial Times (global edition for Europe) and the Wall Street Journal (global edition for Europe). Charterholders in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand will be listed in the South China Morning Post and the Wall Street Journal (global edition for Asia). Charterholders in Canada will be listed in The Globe & Mail. Charterholders in the Eastern U.S., Central U.S., and Western U.S. will be listed in the Wall Street Journal (for each respective region).

Hi, LIII in Tokyo, How’s recognition and job market for CFA charterholders in Japan? I hear there are less than 700 charterholders in Japan. Is it true? I am in Canada now, but originally from Japan. I would consider going back for right opportunity. Appreciate your input. Thanks in Advance.

The article is in todays paper. I am in NY and they listed only the names of charterholders form the Eastern United States (1,548 of them). Globally there are 6,427.

Hi Zigy, The relatively low profile of the CFA program in Japan (given its finance/banking population) is partly due to a more established, domestic securities analyst certification (Shoken-analyst), with has thousands of holders. The obvious draw for this one is that you can take the exams in Japanese…and of course instant recognition within Japan. Many of the senior PM’s in Japan don’t have the CFA… but I’m sure it’s good to have. I transitioned a while ago from Japan IB to otcderiv risk mgmt, so I did the CFA program to get a foundation in traded products, risk concepts, etc. The job mkt was strong last year, and right now many US BB’s have hiring freezes, so might not be the best time to look. But bilinguals are always in high demand…cross-border M&A might be a good area now, given the activity now and prob for the next few yrs. Btw CFAI did put an ad in the Nikkei Kinyu newspaper (not THE Nikkei) congratulating the new charterholders from Japan Society, so they’re making the effort on that front.

459 in the Western U.S. Please confirm – is the CFA exam tested in english worldwide? If so, How impressive that only 30% of the charters were awarded to US citizens. I couldn’t imagine taking the tests in a foreign language. Congrats to all those listed in your respective papers. What a relief it is to see your name. Hang in there class of 2008…your print is coming soon.

AZCFA… a) America is not the only country with English as first language. b) Not all countries are as bad at foreign languages as the US.

Hi LIII Tokyo, Thanks for your input. I heard about Shoken Analyst, CMA. (I still do not know why it is called CMA.) In fact, some of my ex-coworkers (in Japan) have them. I hear pretty much everybody has it. (They said “neko mo shakushi mo”, even a cat and rice scoop, I recall.) I recently talked to a head hunter who recently moved here from Japan. (She worked also as model in Japan.) And she said risk management is hot topic in Japan, since it is so new. So I supposed you made a good move. Congrats! I currently work for Sogo-Shosha to provide analysis in M&A target in Canada. SO I guess this experience might be handy if I decide to go back…Thanks again!! And AZCFA, Yes, CFA exam is only in English anywhere. It is tough for non-native speaker, but it can be done…you just have to put twice as much time as native speaker. I put probably more than 500 hours every year, but still failed once at Level II. Anyways, congrats for all fellow new charterholders!

congrats zigy, what an accomplishment. I guess you’re not from the US, since blocparty says US citizens can’t learn foreign languages. Let me make my point from a different angle – it’s amazing, since the CFA was originated in the US, that only 30% of charters are being awarded here today. And, since I speak 3 languages, I can speak from personal experience, that I couldn’t imagine taking this test in a foreign language.

Zigy, Good luck to you… I did x-border M&A advisory for over 4 years, but left in 03. I’m sure prospects now are much better for M&A in Japan, although PE has not taken off as much as some people anticipated. Risk mgmt is a hot topic?!? Well maybe relevant, but I wouldn’t say it’s hot… but what about your ex-model headhunter?? :slight_smile:

AZCFA: Thanks. As to US guys not good at learning 2nd language, I am sure blocparty meant there’s less incentive to learn since English generally is global language in business. 3 languages? I think that is also quite an accomplishment. LIII Tokyo: She told me all the banks are scrambling to hire risk professional, now that Basel II is here. That’s what I meant hot. But she is even hotter.

I am at Tokyo as well and preparing for Level 3 this June. Anyone interested in group study sort of thing?

I just hope the next time I’m in the WSJ it’s for something positive.