WSP vs. Benninga

I’m looking to improve my financial modeling skills and would like some advice from anyone who’s used WSP or read Benninga or preferably both. I know my way around excel pretty well and am comfortable with macros and formulas like vlookup, npv, etc but don’t know VBA yet. Also, I took level 1 in December and never scored below 70% on the FSA practice sessions so I’m ok with financial statement basics. I’ve built a few models on my own that have worked satisfactorily but they’re ugly and took me far too long to make. What I’m looking for something to give me a little guidance on form and some practice making models. Any thoughts? Thanks.

What’s WSP? Benninga’s book is good. It helped me a ton in my portfolio management class.

Wall Street Prep, sorry.

I have done both and highly recommend them. If you have specific questions feel free to email me at brianrossman1 at gmail dot com.