WTF Canada

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Tim Horton’s employees wouldn’t let her use the bathroom without buying something first. Seems a bit un-Canadian. Then she pitches a fit, along with a turd and some scratch paper. Also seems un-Canadian.

wow…this is naaastee

3 yrs ago. i knew this girl who thought she was this classy thing and she was a newly minted 21 yo from ucla. anyways we turned up at the mansion, my rich tire friend knew the owner so we had free bottles and we were staying at the pasea hotel in huntington beach. anywho i thought damn this chick is fire so like i hung with her a lot and made out with her like crazy (i also grinded on one of my ex co workers lil sister that night, another funny story cuz he was a bro pua and i didnt know until we changed snapchats and realize she had same last name, and i verified with her, 2 of my ex co workers who were co workers with that guy was also there so i know that he knows!)near the end of the night while driving home from our uber she decides to stop by the local cvs to get shit and to use bathroom. they wouldnt allow her to use so she pisses outside on one of the closed stores, she asked me to turn around and all i hear is trickles. i had to peek! Lolzars.

anyways end of the night, we do mess around a bit, we had 1 king bed that i shared with me my friend, and the girl and her older friend. anyways this chick had a nice ass, wore practically nothing, and teased me all night with it but she just kept saying i cant, i just met you. i tried to get her in the bathroom to get some privacy and shes like no. lol anyawys funny story of a failed night! sadly i never saw her again after that night mostly cuz my bitcoin friend next day made her cry, another funny story! i still have her on snap though! i tried to hit her up, but i was ghosted. lol

always had a feeling atush was a chick


I was really stressed she was going to forget her green jacket.

TLDR of Nery’s comment: Went out with chick who peed on the wall of a CVS. Tried unsuccesfully to bang her in front of two other people.


You didn’t notice that you dropped a 2 on the floor? Didn’t use the bidet afterwards either, I assume.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I clicked on this thread. Its more like a WTF in general thread. But, thats watercooler for ya…

nah… didnt notice. guess i was too horny and wanted to get outta there quick.

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lol so odd, at least you got to smash. lol

This is literally why Trump hates foreigners.