WTF - Individual IPS ?

I started the exam cruising through like 4 sections, thinking okay, this exam is easy.

Then I realised the heavy, heavy focus on [you know what] throughout the individual IPS.

I don’t believe that I have seen such an approach in a past AM.

And well, given that [you know what] was one of my weakest subjects…I am pretty fucked.

Mate, you might want to edit your post by removing specific references. Good luck!


Yeah, you are right ; just edited it.

I don’t see the point though really, the AM will be published anyways and the exam is done.

I liked the individual IPS section knowing that it was difficult and most will not score well on it.

I think im just evil or a prick. Both perhaps?

Guys unless you are intercepting the FedEx box with paper exams you are just left with waiting and waiting

overall I think the exam was fare the only thing that probably through most of the candidates of is that they have changed the sequence of the questions … Let us hope it is nothing serious…

Nah man, you’re a cool dude. You were really helpful during prep.

Now it’s totally your right to hope people fuck it up if it helps your chances passing, which it does.

I got confused too, always thought this to be my strong zone, but wasted lots of time and attempted, but at least method to solve was correct, hence deserve some partial credit atleast.

I skipped most of one of them… So I don’t remember what topic it was, but it’s probably what you’re talking about. I was running about 14 minutes behind, I read the question and was like “nope” and just kept going. When all was said and done, I left about 15 “points” blank.

I’m frankly thinking the same, but my issue is that if people think it was so difficult then maybe I’m missing something? I thought it was very straightforward and easy

I was totally fine with it. Understood the twist in few seconds. The problem is, in the evening, I doubted myself whether I’ve keyed in the right sign (-ve or +ve). The wrong sign would give a totally different answer. I wasn’t confused about the question, and I’ve never entered the wrong sign in similar questions in the past. I hope my logic and my subconscious are stronger than the exam environment.

I’ve got my calculator few hours ago to check the last entries. Unfortunately, I’ve used the same function to verify another concept.

i have no idea what question you guys are talking about and now i’m convinced i just skipped one


What’s the deal with not discussing the AM paper when it is going to be released by the CFA?

you can discusss pieces of it after it is released.

Ryan is a mooching SOB.

Don’t understand why the exam can’t be discussed even though they will release the exam exactly as it is (yes I know these are the rules just don’t understand why). Can someone enlighten me?

Wait… How was there a trick here? You were supposed to do that final step, right?

I was supposed to ask a question, but I decided to delete it in fear of being hunt down by the Institute.