WTF Turkey

So the Turks are bombing ISIS and the Kurds both at the same time? Maybe they should bomb Iran as well and score a trifecta.

As far as US goes, I think we oppose the Sunnis in ISIS. The rest is clear as mud. We love Shias in Iraq but hate them in Iran. We are ambivalent towards Shias in power in Syria but we definitely don’t want to help their Sunni rebels. We don’t care about Yemen but our dear Sunni friends in Saudi Arabia are aiding the Yemenis against the Shia Houthis. We like Kurds when they fight against ISIS but not when they oppose Turkey. Of course we love Israel, any other talk would be political suicide. So… we are with Jews, Turks, Sunnis, Shias and Kurds against Kurds, Shias and Sunnis. Got it.

Or we back off, stop trying to police the world, while they all kill each other

But Obama Benghazi!

Clearly the Obama administration hasn’t taken enough leadership in figuring out who we’ll be fighting later so we can begin arming them as soon as possible.

Lol, the whole Turk - Kurd situation seems bizarrely complex. Palantir is probably right when he said it is just a shifting narrative to paint the Kurds as the ‘good guys’ especially when you consider that there wasn’t a word uttered when Sadaam was busy gassing them. We heard about it first from the Iranians - supposedly part of the ‘axis of evil’ but I suppose it is hard not to pull for such people in their effort for self-rule.

Eh? The best moments have come when there was a genuine intent to ‘police’ the world. For example : Forcing the NATO to step in during the Yugoslav wars when UN peacekeeping forces were standing to the side and watching the Serbs run riot. It is when brute power is used as a means to an end to meet self-interests (Overthrowing Lumumba and Mossadegh when they were only trying to do right by their people) and when a close relationsip with a certain country means turning a blind eye to it’s actions that all these problems arise.