I dont understand, I have taken the 2010 Mock exam and scored in the 80’s. I have done well in all the past essay exams I have taken and am pretty much rocking the Schweser multiple choice in Volume 1 and 2 but when I take the CFA Sample Exams, I am getting slaughtered. Why?

how much did you score in the sample exam?

56% !! And I know this stuff. I feel like the exam was mostly what would be considered the super difficult questions on the exam. Again, on the mock exam which is also multiple choice, I scored in the 80’s having really messed up GIPS before I studied it some more.

is that sample 1 or sample 2? I got 67% on the 1st sample exam, and got 76% on the mock.

Sample 2.

ok. i will take sample 2 this weekend and provide feedback. I agree with you that the variance of the score is very scary.

Just took sample 1 again… scored 83% this time… I took it a month ago and scored 60%… I actually did not remember any of the questions though from last time I took it, so it is encouraging to see the improvement… next week I will re-take sample 2 that absolutely massacred me the first time through at 56%… sample 2 was pretty tough from what I remember… just look at what your weak areas are and work on them… it is funny to look back on that testrac website and see my scores for levels 1 and 2 and when i took them in relation to how close we were to exam day…I am a little ahead of where I was on Level 2… the morning session is going to make or break for me and passing, I just hope I can do enough to get by

How where you able to take the test again? When I go online it just gives me my score. We’re all talking about the two 30 question test that you pay $40 for right?

with $20, you can take it again.

good to know, thanks. What I don’t understand is that you are supposed to take those before the mock. I have to assume that they are done in a very trivial pursuit way to make sure you get the finer points (which means if you understand those, you understand the general stuff). For level I and II, I did much better on the samples than the mock and now, I pretty much rocked the Mock and almost anything else I’ve taken and bombed the sample. I still have a few more weeks and feel like I’m in good shape, but my brain can not absorb anymore.

I got a 63 and a 60 (or something around there) on the samples. Just took the mock and scored a 76.7%. Phew. I juts think the samples were @ss kickers. Good thing though, because it got me motivated!

I scored 66% in Sample 1 and 2009 Mock 82%. Smaller the sample, more you need luck. Sample 1 had all currency stuff in which I am clueless and hence lower score. Taking Mock 2010 and Sample 2 next week. Hopefully would be able to beat the current scores or at least match it.

Where did you get 2009 Mock copy? I just did the Boston 2010 CFA multiple choice and scored a 75%. There were a few that were dumb mistakes or things I had forgotten that easily came back. I think that if I keep on doing exams, I should be ok, no?

I think the sample exams this year are hard - I haven’t seen any decent scores for the sample exams, I don’t think anyone has posted a sample score greater than 75%+

I thought sample 1 was tough but sample 2 was pretty straight forward.

what did you score naples?

Sample 1: 56% (took it before I finished material on 4/23) Sample 2: 70% (took it yesterday, went 2/6 on the GIPs question)

nice on second one.

Thanks. Its much easier though (IMO).

Just thinking about this a bit - I’ve talked to an old exam writers. This one guy in particular wrote questions for exams between say 1990 and 1995 (give or take a few years). He would tell me that his working group would craft 3-5 questions and maybe 1 would be used on the actual exam. The other 2-4 questions would be shelved for other years. My suspicion is that CFAI is asking the working groups to work on say 6-10 questions now, and they’ll use 1 on the exam, and the others on sample/mock exams. The questions used are of exam quality, just didn’t “make the cut” for one reason or another.