WW III has started


chinese player to american player " those are fake jordans u rocking son"

That’s streetball son.

It would be funny if WW3 actually did spark because of a basketball game. Would be almost as stupid as what started the mythical Trojan War.

or ww1

CFABLACKBELT Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/blog/the_d > agger/post/Wild-brawl-ends-Georgetown-8217-s-exhib > ition-ga?urn=ncaab-wp4252 Wow, I saw that video and I thought the same thing. It shows you how much underlying aggression the Chinese have and how qucikly any kind of heat can escalate. If you watch closely you can see that the person who really spurred this thing on wasn’t even a player!

I can’t believe Georgetown is going to let them take us down at our own sport like that! It was a tied game in the 4th! Way to not represent the big east, except for the fighting, that was very big east.

Go Huskies! That’s awesome. I hope this will help America realize that Asia is not on our side. In fact nobody is on our side. We’re not even on our own side. It’s kill or be killed - mad max. I’m thinking of getting married to a chick from some (low population)/(oil reserve) country like Norway, buying a farm, a bunch of guns, and going skiing for the next ten years and popping out some kids. By 2021, I should have my CFA charter, and think it might be worth picking up the pieces again.

^ LOL, Honestly, that sounds like the best plan I’ve heard in awhile. Hard to move to Norway, but if you could find a girl from there, it’d be worth it to marry in.