WWE to buy Newcastle?

Not the beer–the football/soccer club.

Manchester United is publicly traded, and Liverpool is owned by the Boston Red Sox, so I wonder if this makes sense.

What will Vince McMahon do next? Buy an NFL team? He’d probably be a better owner than Mr. Jones or Al Davis Jr. (whatever his name is).

Where you getting this from?

Liverpool is owned by John Henry, the same guy who own’s the red sox and he seems to be cut from a different cloth.

All other american owners seem to have gotten their hands burnt. Now that Ferguson is gone i bet the Glazers are going to come under some scrutiny and kroenke has a russian billionare breathing down his neck

Why not think bigger? Why not create a new football league…oh wait nevermind.

Are you saying that soccer might actually become interesting?


It is by far the most interesting sport in the world. You’re just not paying attention

^ this

I went to a superbowl party and was counting the minutes til it would end. I went to a NBA game and did the same thing. It’s mind numbingly boring. Hockey is okay I guess but still not as entertaining as soccer.

Getting back to it, Newcastle is a poisoned chalice. It will take some very special owners and a lot of money and patience to turn it around.

I thought the exact same thing right after I posted. I was like…“Wait a minute. He already HAD exposure to professional football…”

@mk17 - I couldn’t agree with you more about the NBA. The longest two minutes in the world are the last two minutes of a professional basketball game.

The NBA really needs to do something about that, like make it where a foul in the last two minutes automatically runs ten seconds off the clock or something. At least then, teams would think twice about fouling every single time they’re on defense.

I don’t understand why people make 1970s statements like, “soccer is boring”. There is no other sport in the U.S. that goes 90+ minutes without interruption.

US ‘sports’ aren’t as much ‘sport’ anymore as they are entertainment despite the fact that their sports have so much aggression.

Baseball is slower than cricket, American football is downright shit, Bball is great but only for the genetically gifted and ice hockey i have no idea- it looks good though

Back on topic it’s an attractive choice, Huge fanbase, 50k+ stadium already and worldwide exposure, Premier league TV rights are getting bigger and bigger.

If he’s in it for quick money he’s going to get his hands burnt. It has a lot of potential though…if he builds the club, isn’t scared to invest in an overinflated market and understands the league is top heavy and patience is key then the clubs worth could easily quadruple especially if they somehow make it to the champions league.

My guess is if he buys it he’ll drop a few million in the transfer market, hire an overhyped useless british manager whose a decade behind the game, raise ticket prices and then wonder why it isn’t working and why the fans are resisting paying obscene prices and call it a day and sell it at a loss and as a parting shot label english fans ‘hooligans’.

He will try to run it like a North American sports franchaise, and Newcastle’s sad, sad funeral dirge will continue.