Hey all About a month ago, I had the idea of putting my study notes in the protected area of my website, so I could access them from anywhere - but then I figured, why, I should just put up a public wiki where everybody can contribute. It didn’t seem like a huge effort to put up a website for that… so now, I present to you: www.analystwiki.com I hope it’ll grow and benefit a lot of fellow candidates. Share your wisdom. Cheers, Naze

gr8 work

Very nice! Did you partner with Wiki to get the domain and create the site?

Great! I like it.

Naze you have done us proud! If you remember, we did a lot of taxes together at L2 and would probably need to repeat that feat for L3, Yo! How’s prep going?

Thanks guys! @LaGrandeFinale: Of course I remember the tax discussions last year… BTW, I already included some of my contributions in here: http://www.analystwiki.com/wiki/index.php/Taxes_and_Private_Wealth_Management_in_a_Global_Context,_by_Stephen_M._Horan_and_Thomas_R._Robinson,_CFA If you help me there, this page might become really useful! Aside from that, as far as prep is concerned for me… I went through Schweser once, but didn’t really do all the exercises… I’ll have to hit the books harder from now on… How about yourself? @phBOOM: Didn’t have to partner… the wiki framework is actually free software (just like the phorum framework that I think this forum uses…)