Hey all About a month ago, I had the idea of putting my study notes in the protected area of my website, so I could access them from anywhere - but then I figured, why, I should just put up a public wiki where everybody can contribute. It didn’t seem like a huge effort to put up a website for that… so now, I present to you: www.analystwiki.com I hope it’ll grow and benefit a lot of fellow candidates. Share your wisdom. Cheers, Naze

can you post me a check from the ad revenue?

I’d prefer to share the revenue by emitting shares :slight_smile: however you’ll have to wait until the IPO. For now, you can only participate in a free project (content is under GNU Free Documentation License) and help yourself and others to be 2/3 done with CFA…

Thanks naze_duck…I like your cheat sheet. Hope your wiki gets some traction and people start posting their notes to share.

Thanks for the effort, I think this is something that will catch on fast.

The cheatsheet is great. How do you enter the Square Roots and other symbols? What program go you use?

There is a network error. I will try tomorrow.

@cpepin: I’m using LaTeX. You have to be a bit geeky to use it, but it’s the best thing I know for writing stuff with lots of formulas. Glad you guys like the cheat sheet.

Thanks! Seems quite useful. The cheat sheet definitely seems useful. As to the formulas, people can also use formula editor in word. It take a little long to write formulas, but it is doable.