XBOX 360

Now that xbox one is out, im sure 360s will become alot cheaper. Looking to buy one but i was wondering if AFers can help me out. Is 4gb enough hd capacity? or should i buy a 360 with 250gb hd?? i am not going to download any extra content from the online marketplace. Just want to make sure i’ll be able to save games and play with my buddies online…


4 GB is likely not enough, and I am surprised that you can even buy an XBox 360 with such small capacity. If you full install a big game on your XBox, that already takes up 2-3 GB. If the price difference is not large, you should get more storage.

Bigger question is why get the old XBox at all, but presumably you have your reasons for that.

No, 4 GB isn’t enough for something like COD, GTA, or Skyrim. GTA takes up about 8 GB by itself. Something like Forza would probably fill up 4 GB by itself. On the other hand, 250 GB is way too much unless you’re really planning on catching up on a lot of games. Go with the 50 GB hard drive.

As to why still get the 360 - XB1 isn’t backwards compatable and there are some great games for the 360 you can pick up cheaply now - Red Dead Redemption would be a good place to start. The 360 still has legs.

Red Dead Redemption was a pretty monumental achievement, considering the scope of the map that they built in that game. The only thing is the ending… those fuckers…

Yeah, and even more amazing was three years later Rockstar was able to build a map three times that size for GTA on the same system. It’s crazy how much more horsepower developers can get out of the same system after working with it for 7-8 years.

I bought an Xbox Arcade used with an extra hard drive attached a few yeras ago for $100. I think I have 30 GB and it’s barely enough (I only play one video game – COD).

Go for the bigger hard drive if you can. Try to avoid used if possible- I bought one and got rrod within a few weeks.

Now is the best time to buy ps3 or 360. Systems are cheap with plenty of games to choose from.

the 4GB drive was designed for small arcade games for the casual gamers. If you wanted even 1 of the big names: COD, Halo… etc

safer to go bigger

Avoid used. Them bitches crash.

They seem to have fixed the red ring of death problem for the most part. The DVD drive on the XBox 360 still breaks though…

I bought a used one that was still under warranty. It was a sweet deal – some guy needed cash flow after knocking a girl up.

Also, I recommend getting something like Turtle Beaches, Astros, etc.

I feel sorry for that guy if he just got a girl pregs and does not have the $100 or whatever that you paid him for the XBox.

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That guy just screwed himself.

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Have you checked out the luxury car thread? :slight_smile: