XBRL Taxonomist* / Financial Reporting Specialist - Your opinion?

I might be able to land a gig that can be abbreviated as “XBRL Taxonomist* / Financial Reporting Specialist”. I’m trying to figure out the prospects of this position. Since I’m too lazy to translate into English company’s original listing, and company advertises it as ‘financial data analyst’(essentially digging into statements and converting them into XBRL format), below you will find an alternative listing that is in my opinion closer to reality that they painted during the interview. In regards to this positions some questions: a)do you think its a worthwhile gig in terms of experience for somebody looking to become an PM one day? b)do you think that this position is likely to pigeonhole me into it/business analyst positions, or since it is somewhat related to fsa will be an excellent first finance related position? c)would that be considered an operations position or analyst-type position? Sorry for my vague questions, i’m still trying to figure out how this position equates to other financial positions/opportunities out there. Any ideas or other thoughts on that are appreciated. thank you. ----------- XBRL Taxonomist: Financial Reporting Specialist Responsibilities: * Create XBRL taxonomies in the area of US-GAAP/IAS and IFRS financial reporting, but also in other industries, including creating concepts, establishing relationships, creating references to financial reporting literature or other industries reference material, developing business rules related to these disparate business areas. * Create and Test taxonomies to verify accurate rollups and reporting by creating instance documents. * Design optimal representation of financial and other vertical industries domain metadata within an XBRL taxonomy * Communicate use cases to our software developers to enhance product usability and features * Stay abreast of XBRL and XML technology trends and keep the team knowledge level at the cutting edge Required Skills: * B.A./B.S in business required; preferably with an accounting concentration or other industry certification * CPA/CA required or other industry certified accreditation. * US GAAP SEC financial reporting background required; additionally IFRS reporting expertise a plus; Big 4 experience a plus for a financial industry expert or 5+ years of industry experience with industry specific accreditation * Demonstrated ability to work with external customers * Knowledge of data modeling or UML modeling required * The highest quality written, verbal and presentation skills * Must be proactive self-starter with ability to handle multiple complex tasks * Ability to make significant contributions both as an individual, as a team member Preferred Skills: * Knowledge of with XML, XML Schema, XLink, XSLT, XPath, meta-data management and programming background a plus * Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel; ability to create VBA code in Excel a significant plus * Experience in international work environments is a plus --------------------------------- *Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification. The word comes from the Greek taxis, ‘order’ + , nomos, ‘law’ or ‘science’. Taxonomies, or taxonomic schemes, are composed of taxonomic units known as taxa (singular taxon), or kinds of things that are arranged frequently in a hierarchical structure, typically related by subtype-supertype relationships, also called parent-child relationships. (Wiki)

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a) no b) yes, no c) It’s an IT job


What’s the location and potential pay?

if you want to be a pm, this ain’t the job. sorry. you’ll need to be familiar with accounting but not how to use it. i wouldn’t go so far as to say this is an it job, but i would say its just an accounting/financial reporting role. if you’re already an accountant, which i assume you are if this is truly something you could conceivably land, this won’t change any perceptions and help you move on to something bigger.

mlh97 & DarienHacker: thank you for your opinion - and no, im not accountant…will see how this goes… volkovvlad: location: eastern europe, pay - no clue, but considerably lower than anything us job market has to offer…