Xcel Energy Inc. (XEL)

What are your thoughts? A recruiter just called me for placement as an analyst. Is the company worthy?

Where are you from? Would you be in the downtown Minneapolis office? I know one person who’s worked there for a long time and really likes it. Seems like there would probably be plenty of interesting opportunities (e.g. derivatives and such)

I don’t want to release too much. It would involve relocating. I’m not sure which office. My background is MO trading.

Xcel is a pretty legit place. I know they have asset pools that are managed much like a standard portfolio. At one point I applied to be a jr. derivatives trader for them. I did not get an interview despite fitting the description of skills well. Good luck.

Was turned down for a derivatives trading internship there about a year ago, as well. :frowning:

If you’re going to be a power trader, perhaps, but generally speaking regulated utilities do not attract movers and shakers. They attract people who want a steady job and pension and be out on Fridays by 3:30, and there’s not necessarily anything wrong that.

question should be are you worthy not company

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > question should be are you worthy not company For ril doe.