xl question

I have a model with a macro that change all the numbers based on worst/base/best case scenarios in a drop down…is there anyway to copy/paste this into another sheet…I want to use the template but for another stock… thanks guys/

Without seeing the code, hard to answer. Matters how well the orginial macro was coded. If someone hard-coded in names like Sheets(“stock1”).Select. You will need to change all that. As well as the input data that is being calculated. It could be as easy as creating a new file, and making look identical, then going “Modules --> insert new module”, and pasting in the code.

I haven’t done this in a while, but I believe that if the code was written on the tab and not as a separate module than you can simply make a copy of the tab in the worksheet… this will copy everything, including the macros. If the macro references a bunch of tabs, than you’ll have to go through them one by one to get all the referenced tabs/ranges.

Press Alt+F11 and have a look…