Y’all seen hbo’s industry yet?

“Every call I make is either to people who are smarter than me, or people who were bred to think they were”.

I felt that.

10/10 show btw. Tons of boobies to see too.

great show. def a ton of nudity!!

still going strong

Couple of questions for you:

  1. No one in any one special corner of hell would have ever kept their job for getting caught with that Trade Error right?

  2. What’s protocol should I ever actually meet someone in real life that has 15 bbg screens active?

  3. Harper definitely goes to jail at some point right?

no way anyone has 15 screens lol.

Lol I’m gonna have to check this show out. Is it pirated on YouTube yet? I’m too FIRE to pay for HBO.

You’ll love it, it’s low beta and high ROI.

I’ve heard great things. But fiancé is not into this. Hey you know what’s crazy, y’all know Lena paul? She follows my social media account. Claimed to make 1.2m in only fans.