Yahoo confirms $1.1B Tumblr acquisition

Since Marissa joined, Yahoo has acquired more than 10 start ups.

Another evidence women love shopping :slight_smile:

it’s the hallmark of new mgmt. Either layoff a lot or buy up a lot.

How many startups does Yahoo otherwise acquire during any 1 year period?

The only time I ever visit the site is for fantasy sports. They do that right. As for the rest…

So I always thought ‘Foursquare’ was a new franchise restaurant like Chipotle that got popular. Then I realized it was an app. Then a friend of mine told me about how he likes to look at wanna be models post their pics on Tumblr. I really didn’t get the appeal.

As far as I know, Porn is free. Why would you pay 1B+ in ‘Cash’ for this thing? Instant growth? You kidding?

Marissa Meyer could have easily just had a pay per view Yahoo StripTease, for like, $3.00 per view, and she could’ve generated much net present value in a day. (not saying she’s hot, but I’d pay $3.00 for that).

Watch her strip to ‘Tone Loc’s’ '“Wild Thing”…

she like to do the… wild thannnnng…

So…what happens to all the, uh, adult content on tumblr?

I wonder if that was what Marissa meant by “appealing to a younger demographic”.

My opinion, she’s gonna be the next meg whitman. WHich means she’ll drive Yahoo into the ground only to somehow to get a better job.

Except Meg Whitman can’t do this:

Fo sho.