yahoo finance analyst estimates down?

anyone able to get anything besides “N/A” for analyst estimates on yahoo finance? Its showing N/A for every company i’ve checked starting yesterday.

this is a health and political forum. take your egghead finance junk elsewhere.

Don’t forget relationship advice.

Looks like the whole site it down at the moment.

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Edit Part 2: And she’s voting for Hillary.

Did they finally pull the plug on Yahoo Finance? It’s going to happen sooner or later.

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just use then if Yahoo’s analyst estimates aren’t showing. Yahoo sources Thomson Reuters for the analyst growth rates anyway.

im using yahoo’s API. reallydon’t feel like reprogramming everything. Hopefully this is temporary.

mayer amirite?

My favorite memory of yahoo finance was in April 2004. The non farm payroll number was leaked at 8:29 am and I have no idea how yahoo finance had it before everyone else (ahead of Bloomberg and Reuters). Someone in my office made $1 million by selling 1,000 contracts of US 10 yr when our intern that made a little more than minimum wage yelled out the number. Expected number was something like 50k and it came out at 300k. At the time rates were at 1% and Greenspan was looking for data to start the rate increase cycle. Unfortunately I was shutout but made it up a few months later. The party we had that night was memorable. Economists getting nonfarm payrolls wrong made a lot of people rich.