Yahoo's YANG

so there is a rumor he is thinking about leaving the company. I mean WTF? The dude had an offer from MSFT @ 35 bucks a share and turned it down b/c he had a secret plan to return the company to glory. Now it’s at 14 bucks and he’s thinking about leaving. HOLY *#&$*(#&

I guess he never heard that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush–or he just didn’t have a good enough golden parachute…

He should have taken that MSFT deal and ran! Oh well, wouldn’t have been good for MSFT.

That POS cost me a bundle…I was in speculation mode and had a nice lot of calls that woulda paid handsomely if he too the offer I HATE THAT MAN WITH A PASSION

“Come on Jerry! You gotta do the deal…I mean, if nothing else, fulfill your civic duty and do it for Bill Preston!”

Is the esquire necessary?? lol

You are talking to Bill S. Preston, Esquire, of Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure. Show a bit more respect!