Yale SOM interview

Just found out I got an interview invite to Yale :). Any advice or pointers

mz - what is your background?


  1. Be able to explain why you want to go to Yale versus one of its comparable schools. If you got an interview offer, your stats are probably in their sweet spot. Consider it just like the “would I want to hang out with this person?” test? 2) Do your best to convince the interviewer that you will accept the offer if it extended. Competitive schools care about yield. If you have the choice between phone and in person, obviously try to go for the in person.

Why Yale mz? Do you want to do non-profit stuff, etc?

Guys thanks for the advice, To address peoples ?'s I like Yales apporach to teaching it interests me (I already have a decent background in fin & accounting). I like that Yale has strong ties to the government, as I feel this could lead to some interesting connections/opportunites. I know the MBA program doesn’t have the strongest brand name, but I still really like Yale’s “brand”.

Why don’t you just tell them you’re into that whole ‘Yale thing’?