Yanet Garcia

You’re welcome.

Wow, dime.

I take it you’re into butts.


throw some mo

This was going around the FB sphere yesterday about Yanet Garcia. Commentary is hilarious.

NSFW Language, and you might look like you’re doing what you’re doing…


You saw on reddit as well?

i cannot lie,

bchad, that was pretty funny.


SHES SINGLE AGAIN! pro gamer dumps yanet garcia to focus on call of duty.


dude needs to up his game and get to fortnite.

The most alpha thing anyone could ever dream of doing. Dumping a chick in order to play more video games.

We are officially busch league.

lol i think he’s lying. but that’s a pretty good djt spin right there. she didnt dump me, i wanted to focus on cod. Always WINNING!

He’s also making $300k-$500k a year just playing games…

Apparently she confirmed it via twitter saying she was heart broken or something. Kids and their emotions.