Maybe those discussions about Chad banning too many people were right. I don’t know if it’s just me but AF seemed a lot more lively last year.

Must be the upcoming exams.

We don’t have SMIRK and guys like him anymore. Plus, I think yelling and insulting people for real gets old for the regulars. I do say stuff occasionally for jest. For example, calling brianr and artvandalay gay lovers. Though, that is not really jesting.

Whatever happen to JohnThaimsLimoDriver? And I thought this was when AF is at it’s busiest, around the exam times when everyone’s around their comp and needs a distraction. Probably I’m just too bored and on here too often while sifting through passmaster.

JTLD was banned ages ago. On that note, it would be nice if we were notified when someone was banned. It might help prevent the sort of behaviour which caused the banning in the first place. For instance, is nuppal banned or just busy trying to get laid? What about philip.platt and IBM?

How many banned posters are back under different names?

billbelemy22 was banned too i think…and jrbbikerx

One of the worst forums I have ever seen in terms of layout, functions, organization and management. And this one is making money (which is not common for forums), and it seems that is the only purpose of the owner, as nothing is done to improve it. Any other useful source? In other languages, may be?