Yay or Nay ?

I am thinking of doing something that I can’t discuss here (no homo ). Yay or nay ?

Where are you going to hide the body?

this is some cryptic shizzle

Probably nay.

SCB - your not really giving us anything to go on here? Is it perhaps related to another topic, in another thread?

No man.I ignore that girl after our initial conversations weren’t like its supposed to be .

I presume this has to do with the girl in the other thread. This is going to end well.

^Nah. She didn’t seem interested and I don’t want to end up as a weirdo type. My philosophy is if you start a conversation 3 times in a row and the girl doesn’t try to say hi or start something the next time she sees you,she is either not that interested,shy or not too aware of her surroundings .None of those excuses motivate me to approach her anymore,although the mere thought of bumping into someone this often could be attractive/romantic for many people.