Yeah, I own a lighthouse

I mean, I don’t. But one of you BSDs could.

If only it weren’t in Connecticut.


If that joint was fixed up, it would be an incredible party house.

So… Fix it up and AirBnB it? Block out a few days each spring and summer for you and the missus (or mister, I don’t judge)

The only issue is how do renters get there. I looked it up on Google maps and it’s about 3/4 mile from the coast I think.

who cares how they get there, once they pay its on them

It sure is … rustic. :derelict_house:

That’s how much my garage cost.

So what?

It’s a lighthouse; it doesn’t have a garage.

Lol yep seems like a bad idea to buy this

Well, if you wanted to turn it into a cash cow, you’d need to be concerned about your AirBNB/VRBO reviews. I have to imagine that the host saying “you’re on your own” wouldn’t garner many 5-star ratings.

you could say its part of the experience

Swim or perish? Maybe it could be an escape room thing.

I just expected a totally sick lighthouse like that to be way more expensive than $280k.

It’s literally a lighthouse.

Looks like it needs some work.

It’s a discount. Needs more work than your front yard did. Frankly, I don’t even see a bathroom in there…

On the other hand, 280k for a functional light house on a miniature island? It doesn’t get any more water-front than that. I bet there’s hellacious fishing right there too

No need for bathroom or shower. Surrounded by ocean. ‘Nuff said.

Another question: how high above sea level is it??? One good storm and… Wooosh!! Splash!!! Glub, glub, glub!!!

Ummm…if it’s in the sea, wouldn’t that imply that it’s at sea level?? Good thing the CFA doesn’t test reasoning and logic.

I meant how high is the elevation of the house. I was thinking about this kind of situation: