Yes, these people have the same voting rights as you!

Yea I stand by the idea that people need to be pre-approved in some way to have a kid. Some combination of minimum IQ + available income + general sanity

That couple throwing their damn kid over the cliff for the winner.


John Stuart Mill thought that everyone should get the right to vote, but that people could acquire extra votes by passing some examination that showed logic and reasoning skills.

I always thought that would basically be a good idea, but ultimately it would end up creating an exam that - over time - would be designed to perpetuate the current leadership to the exculsion of others.

Also, it would promote dominance of society by rich people, who will probably perform better at such tests.

^ not necessarily. I definitely met many rich idiots in my day

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.


There is still a positive correlation between test scores and income. Plus, rich people have access to better education, are more likely to be college educated, etc.

Furthermore, your observation is not really relevant to this test. The factor to consider is whether a majority of smart people are rich, not whether a majority of rich people are smart. It’s kind of like how the fact that most people with lung cancer are smokers does not imply that most smokers have lung cancer.


These people vote too…