Yet another dumb question on Qbank!

The fact that the CEO has hired his wife as CFO could be what type of factor in the asset valuation analysis? A) A qualitative factor. B) A quantitative factor. C) An internal factor. D) An external factor. damn…didn’t realize i paid few hundred bucks to get asked questions like these!!! sigggh…

A? Have never heard of internal/external factors… anyone, anyone, bueller???


hahaha…i’ll wait for a couple more responses…

i’m just going to go ahead with C since this is the type of question I always get wrong and would normally put A. So C. And if this question is on the test in June, I gurantee you I will walk out because they would have officially jumped the shark at that point.


I’ll go counter consensus: D!

ok…its bed time for moi… i’m wondering if i should post the answer…or just leave it hanging…heheheh cmon guys!! ok …here’s a hint…it’s NOT c or d :slight_smile:

Has to be A, unless some how we used a regression to make valuations which included a dummy variable: 1 = wife of CEO is CFO and 0 = wife of CEO cheating/and or anything else

hahaha…now that’s what I’m talking about Nib… keep crunching… ok seriously…going to sleep now!

just post the answer, whats the purpose of waiting ?

B seems to be the only answer that’s left. So let’s go with B now!

what is the f answer mumu?



Wowo Wiwa!!!