Yet another tip

Hi All - this is my first post after watching the forum for a while. It’s an amazing resource and I’m glad I found it.

One thing that has been bugging me is how to best approach the material, and more specifically the questions. When I completed CAIA there were no questions in the official textbook, so I had to rely on the Kaplan ones. When it got to the exam, the questions were NOTHING LIKE the ones I’d seen. Luckily it was an easy exam.

Anyway, I think the same applies to CFA, so I just used the CFAI EOC questions, the in-chapter questions, the CFAI mock, and a little bit of the BPP questions just for extra practice. The CFA questions are a MUCH better gauge of the style of questions, especially the mock, in the way they are worded, and even some niche bits that aren’t even mentioned in BPP.

My advice would be to use the CFAI books and any other material your teacher gives you for questions, NOT the crappy question bank or questions in the BPP books - they’re so different that I think it may actually harm your performance as you think you are comfortable until you do the CFA mock!

I remember one person on here said to rip out the questions from the CFAI books and use them.

Best. Advice. Ever.

It makes them so much easier to carry around… maybe do a photocopy instead so you have a handy pack and don’t wreck your books :slight_smile:

Do other people have a similar experience?

Do the CFAI EOCs more than 3 times. Better to Photocopy them than rip them out of the back. Memorize the formulas read the definitions for some of the terms/words.