Yeti - the most insanely overpriced stuff for people who have too much money?

Got a Yeti mug ($29.99) as a gift and out of curiosity went and browsed their website.

My findings:
1 gallon jug - $129.99
Cooler - $199.99
DOG BOWL - $49.99
Bucket $39.99
Fully Loaded Bucket (aka a bucket with a tool gear belt(?)) - $129.99

What does a 50 buck bottle opener look like?

Now you know.

Who buys this stuff?

Jay z spent 200k on bottle service before.

Hermes or hacksaw

Yeti is Redneck status signaling. There are equivalents in any culture, $500 Yeezy’s, $400 Tumi satchels, etc.

Lol how do you guys feel that Kanye West is a billionaire with a hottie wife

haha I don’t think she’s super hot. In some pics she is but here’s my analysis: if she looks the way she does after all that make up, photoshopping and her 24/7 focus on her appearance, she isn’t really that hot. Take any woman who’s a 7, give her millions of dollars and a will to go the whole nine yards for her appearance and you’ll have a smokeshow.

I’m not saying she’s ugly but if you stroll around any big city’s downtown for an half an hour, you’ll see quite a few women who are hotter than she is.

She’s also old. But she’s hot for a 40 yo. You’d eat that cake and simp all over it if you had the chance. One of my favorite porn stars is Lena star. And she’s made some videos where she looked like Kim . Yum yum nsfw! It’s true though makeup can change faces. Beneath that beautiful face are foundations that hide their true banal faces.

I actually like Kim and kanye, used to think they were the worst but they grew up well, clearly know how to run a business too. You know my stance on oldies and she’s not my style but has def aged well (both have).

Yeti stuff is pretty high quality that I’ve used. But I don’t know anything about bottle openers

As a group, horse owners are certifiably insane.