Yo Bchad

Happy Birthday!

Thanks, Dude! So far, it’s going a lot better than 11 years ago! :slight_smile:

Except the numbers, man, they’re getting uncomfortably large. :slight_smile:

happy birthday…how did CFA remember this? so sweet of him…very unhoodlike…

Yeah, I’ve been blowing the calorie budget big time this week. Everyone wants to feed me and get me plastered!

Good thing the weather is nice, might take the afternoon off.

You may use leverage to extend the calorie budget this week!

True, but I gotta watch out for the margarine calls!

Happy birth day hommie

Ohhhhh zing. I laughed, I’m not gonna lie. That got me.

Happy bday!

Not to be a downer but BChadwick has the easiest-to-remember birthday since after 2001.

ahem…got no intelligent response to this one :slight_smile:

Butter be careful.

In honour of BChad’s Birthday here is a fun fact of the day :

Did you know that Saudi Arabia imports sand and camels from Australia?

Awesome! Now I have to play ketchup, at least if I can mustard the energy.

Relish the thought.

(BTW, I like the trivia contributions too)

Whoa, these condiment puns are getting out of control… you guys are just asking for Blake to come in here and regulate.

But serously, Happy B-Day to B-Chad!

Blake is coming here? How waffle.

I’m surprised that the Saudi sand-and-camel union is ok with this.

OMG, that one takes the cake!

This is so funny that I tossed my salad!

Are you vegetarian or did you make a miss steak?