Ban Me.Too many racist in this forum. I couldnt find a way to delete my account. Delete my Account.

Big shout out to Alladin, CT, BgayassChad, Numi, Blake, and my man Big Stud. PEACE.

I can only think of one racist in this forum.

I’m pretty sure we all hold some beliefs, no matter how trivial, that are racist. Slightly different than active racism though.

Are you sure that the world is against you because of your race? Maybe they just don’t like you because you’re constantly angry, calling people (ultimately kinda useless) names, etc.?

I’ve never seen you. You might be black. You might be white. But even if you were surely white and this angry and with this short a fuse, who would want to bring all that angst into the workplace or home?

It’s like some (often quite attractive) women I know who complain that men don’t like them because men demand only supermodels… and how unfair it is, when what’s clearly happening is that it’s their personality and constant whining about it that’s scaring the men away, not their looks. Much plainer women with much more engaging personalities are able to find people, and they don’t look like models.

I’ll forward your request to chad for banning. I’ve never actually banned anyone… I’m not sure I actually have that button, but I can recommend people for it.

Everyone is at least a little bit racist. Stormy is just an asshole, which is different.

Sounds like an Avenue Q song…

WTF is this? Why not just not come back? You actually have to be banned to protect yourself from the bullies on AF?

I was actually beginning to feel sorry for you, what with all the folks ganging up on you and your inability to coherently defend yourself. Now I think you’re just a trolling sissy.

Peace out nerd.

What did I miss here? Was this all part of that ‘deleted’ thread?

Good times.

I must admit, I like the moniker “B-gayass-chad.” How did that ever come about?

Nah, last couple pages of didn’t get into Harvard thread. The pot may have gotten stirred.

I’m not sure whether this is a mercy killing or one of those situations where Bchad risks creating a martyr for crazy people.

I believe Bhodivista coined it refering to Bchad, but it may have been Stormy himself. It was one of those two.

Some post of stormy’s was deleted and he went on a rant about it saying “I bet it was b-gayass-chad who did it.”

I responded by saying “B-gayss-chad didn’t even see your post, but I’m sure whatever you said deserved it.” (or something like that). Turns out that it was BS who deleted it, but things like data or facts arent’ really where stormy spends most of his time.

I searched for the post original, but couldn’t find it. Most AF members thought that my appropriation of the insult was pretty funny (which of course was the point).

I’ll miss you stormy. It was nice having a real african american on this board. No Homo.

Stereotypes don’t form themselves. If you took an extra minute to try and remove yourself, you wouldn’t have to axe the boardmembers.

Big-Gay-Ass-Chad kinda reminds me of Big Gay Al. I like it. It’s kinda cute. You should run with it.


Big Gay-Ass-Dow-Jones is once again trying to close at a new high for no fundamental reason, other than, hey, it’s a new f=ing high.

awww, was the cotton field comment too much, stormy?