Yo, Black Swan

What’s that new car you were talking about a few months back? It was a Subaru or something, packed 300+ horsepower, and had a base price in the 20s? I’m ready to upgrade from my hooptie, feel me, going from trashy to classy.

Interested as well.

Are you talking about the Scion FR-S? I don’t think that has 300 hp though

I think he modified the car some how. This would probably void your warranty and decrease gas mileage. So possibly not suitable for most people.

you guys were probably talking about the WRX

It was designed as a rally car, but everything else non-performance and non-engine focus is blah. A few years ago, Listed under Features: you’ll find “trunk light”

Good car. I’d buy one if I lived in a place where I could use it.

Hmm, I can’t really remember. It definitely wouldn’t have been a Subaru. Nothing against them, just doubt I would have brought it up. Was it a new or modified car?

It was new. I think it was the Scion.

Oh snap! I just googled, it was a Subaru. Totally forgot about this car, and it does look sick too… I’m pumped all over again. 2013 Subaru BRZ starting at 25k:


Only problem is it’s only a 200hp from what I can tell. I don’t think the HP #'s were official when I pasted the original article. 200hp would be a deal breaker for me. Gotta be above 300 (280 absolute minimum) if I’m gonna consider.

Yo Bro, did you ever buy your new car?

My new car?

No, there’s been one reason after another why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I thought I was going to move to Asia in 2011, so I didn’t buy one then. I ended up not moving to Asia, so theorhetically could buy now, but have been interviewing with various funds in other locations and am holding off. If I stay in California I will buy one this year or next. Was seriously considering the FR-S (which I just found out about recently) and will now have to study the BRZ for comparisons. I have an old Subaru now that I love (the AWD is sick). It’s not much to look at, but handles better than cars I have driven that are much more expensive. I’m pretty averse to European cars because the ridiculous maintenance costs and have been waiting for something decently sport to come out of Asia that catches my attention. The FR-S looks good, and while the specs aren’t amazing, it seems like a good deal around $25K (TBD on future research). I’m also not a huge fan of the only 200hp is the problem… even my current car has more than that.


New Camaro and Mustang both fit that description and that is the base model. The Camaro has a base V6 that does that and gets 30 MPG. I could never see myself driving one but the Camaro doesn’t look that bad.

Reminds me of that old SNL when Sandler said IROC stood for “Italian Retard out Crusing…”

Both are in the low 20s.

^ Was thinking that too. If you want hp on a budget, that’s a good way to go.

way too many high school kids driving around the entry level mustang’s. Don’t want to look like that older guy going through a mid aged crises

Ahh, the lovable IROC. Brings me back to high school and college when my buddy with an IROC thought he was the man…until we cruised on down to Seaside (yes, that Seaside) and every third car on Ocean Ave was an IROC.

Yeah, but you can buy a 2007-08 Shelby GT500 for like $35k? Nobody’s gonna rip on that, totally BA.


The new GT’s are hard not to notice, 417hp. DOCH V8 with variable valve timing, mmm…

In a sad coincidence, Carroll Shelby passed away yesterday.