Yo Blake!

The financial industry is an entire house of cards. I am so glad I left the industry and work in an industry that is growing rapidly and actually makes things.

Care to explain this? I completely agree and now hold a hybrid role where I work with financial serivices, but my job does not depend on financial services.

what exactly do you do anyways?

I remember Blake saying that his ‘Clients’ sometimes drug test ‘him’. So I have no clue what type of profession he’s in. An industry where you ‘make something’ and get drug tested by clients. ‘Don’t get high on your own supply’ type of job?

Narcotics diagnostic testing volunteer. It is actually a quickly growing area. They make urine.

i have never heard of “clients” drug testing a worker…unless he is a prostitute or something…idk

Maybe he is a pornstar. I’m pretty sure drug/STD tests are required in that field nowadays.

He formerly worked as an IT professional for Northwestern Mutual until a toaster-oven made him redundant.

What are you guys on about…blake works at a troll factory .

Blake probably worked at some back office risk management area with other IT nerds, somewhere along the way he met some fast food chain exec and thinks he knows all about Chipotle and the biz model there.

Then somewhere else along the way, he realized people generally ignore him for whatever reason, and after an intense feeilng of sadness and solitude, he decided to troll the internet, as willing AF’ers will just shower him with attention as he spreads his wild troll-ness across the forums.

I believe he is a sperm donor.

I’ve heard of clients drug testing any consultants that they work with, especially if people are going to work on site. Part of the background check, but definitely a little messed up!

Well let’s be honest when the financial sector blows up everyone hurts. But that isn’t my source of income, I work in Tech now. Free healthcare, free lunch and dinner and all drinks and snacks, $5 dental insurance, etc. We blew out our earnings recently so we had an outing today and bowled and drank for free from 2-5 today.

We trade on a major exchange and should close to double earnings over the next year. Will any major financial company double earnings over the next year or 5 yr. Answer is no. Plus look at downsize risk. There is basically zero. Can you say that about an IBank that relies on trading income? LMAO

^Sounds interesting. What do you do there?

he supports IT systems for the healthcare industry…problably works for a company that sells software to doctors or what not…that is a growing industry…

Medical Informatics? So how did you break into it? Via knowing ‘tech’ or having some healthcare background? I mean, how did you transition from financial services into a ‘brick and mortar’ industry?

I don’t know. Considering Blake’s propensity to copy-paste stuff from the Internets or simply make up random stories for no apparent reason, we can’t be sure if there’s any truth in his claims.

If he works in healthcare IT within EHR’s an industry where the govt literally gave stimulus funds several X multiples of what the industry was worth to begin with. It’s not hard to see growth…

That’s assuming he’s not making it all up like IEV says.

Also, makes you wonder why the heck he’s on AF? healthcare non-finance -> CFA??

Or maybe it’s just this: healthcare -> troll -> AF -> CFA

Most likely, he was on AF pre-career transition.

Dude, you are sweet.

I wonder if he still sees Alex Smith’s wife at Costco.