Yo Brain!

(I suppose Higgmond or CT/TRH could answer this too.)

I seem to have ended up on Delilah’s mailing list somehow. (Not that this is a bad thing…)

Ever been there? If/when I come to the northeast, do I need to make a special trip to America’s #1 gentleman’s club? Or is it pretty run-of-the-mill?

I don’t think I’ve every been there. Last time I was in a strip club it was for a “dirty thirty” birthday party for a woman at a super seedy club downtown. Very co-ed crew, good times.

Chez Paree in Montreal made an impression on me.

that joint blew when i was there. on the other hand kama sutra was unreal, those 2 girls were insane.

p.s. get the 2 girl show @

Chez Alexandre

See my strip club thread.

That place doesn’t even make it in our Top 5 strip clubs list.

FT you’re in Montreal right? Slightly shadier joint but girls at club downtown were much harder working.


I preferred Club Downtown to Chez Paree.

Never been to Delilah’s as far as I can remember, but it’s been 15 years since I’ve been to a strip club.

Last time I went to a club I blew $2,000, puked on a stripper, blacked out and had to get carried home. Probably not doing that again.

^man we need to party together. i couldnt even spend 1000 at a titty bar let a lone 2k

LMAO! So Beta!

^True. I hope you sawed your sack after that one. I’d kill myself if I were that much of a pussy.

On the other hand, I don’t go to strip clubs anymore. My wife won’t let me.

Mons in Tampa is great

You misunderstood her. She doesn’t want you going with your boys.

She’s waiting for your invitation.

Club risqué is the best in Philly but they all suxj